Scroll of Emperor

The Scroll of Emperor
Scroll of Emperor img The Scroll of Emperor was stolen by Kundun’s army of Evil! It was stolen during an enormous raid on the Continent. Kill the monsters listed below to find the Scroll of Emporer.

Historic records show that the sacred Scroll of Emperor could be located in Devias, the Dungeon, Atlans, or the Lost Tower. It is also known that Ice Queens, Poison Bull Fighters, Dark Knights, Gorgons, Vepars, Valkyries, Shadows, Poison Shadows, Cursed Wizards, Death Cows, and Devils were part of the raid.

The Scroll of Emperor

Semi-common drop
Obtainable in a party.
Cannot be traded, sold, or put into storage.
Item cannot be picked up unless the quest is active.
MU Helper Terms: Scroll, Emperor, Scroll of Emperor

Areas to Hunt

Devias 4
Dungeon 2 & 3
Atlans 1 & 2
Lost Tower 1 – 6

Monsters to Hunt